Customers dislike seeing buckets that look like this, and store owners want happy customers!

Keeping windshield washer fluid buckets clean, full, and free of ice is a costly and demanding challenge for convienence stores.

Our Keep-Fill Program has solved this problem and typically saves the store 25% or more on their windshield washer fluid program.

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Install Photos

Based upon location and traffic, one or more 100-gallon tank(s) are installed atop the canopy column. All installations are designed to meet local codes. Supply lines will be installed to run down the canopy column and will connect our 100-gallon tanks to the each individual washer fluid bucket. Each washer bucket is equipped with a float that will monitor the amount of washer fluid in the bucket. The tank fill line will also be installed down a column for easy access to fill the tanks on the canopy.

Depending on volume use, your local Clean Shield distributor will visit your locations about every 4-6 weeks (sooner if necessary). While onsite the driver will clean each washer fluid bucket and replenish with new washer fluid. He will also give attention to any maintenance needs on the system. Store training is provided to the employees to educate additional general service maintenance requirements.

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