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The More Sustainable GREEN Way to Purchase and Retail Windshield Washer Fluid

Like most business owners and managers, you recognize the importance of taking care of your customers and your community in a responsible way, but you also know that your company must make a profit. We share these same values and have developed a process that helps companies like yours keep costs down and is friendly to the environment at the same time.

You can significantly lower your inventory costs using the Clean Shield USA bulk system for your windshield washer fluid needs

  • No ordering or shipping costs

  • Allows team members to focus more on customers

  • No equipment costs

  • Less inventory to purchase

  • Zero shrinkage

  • Less paper work

  • No more plastic jugs and cardboard boxes filling up your trash containers or landfills


You can also improve your customers' experience by

  • Always full squeegee buckets

  • Cleaned regularly

  • Guaranteeed to perform to your specifications and needs

  • Employees can focus their efforts on sales and customer service rather than maintenance


We promise that you and your customers will be delighted.





By eliminating the need for 1000s of plastic jugs and boxes, the Clean Shield bulk fluid system of washer fluid reduces costs for everybody including the environment.